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The School provides scholarships to the socially and economically disadvantaged students selected from the Balwadi run by the school. Concession in fees in awarded in very deserving cases, the amount depending on individual circumstances. Parents may apply to the Principal in case of financial stringency.

All concessions and scholarship cease at the end of each academic year. The grant or renewal of a scholarship or concession in fees is subject to the satisfactory progress in studies and good conduct of the student. A student who does not secure at least 50 per cent marks or fails in a term, forfeits his/her concession/ scholarship.

All applications (even those for renewal) must be made before 15 April.

Scholarships instituted by parents and well-wishers.

  1. Piyush Kasliwal Memorial Scholarship for a needy student of grade III in memory of Piyush who passed away in 1977, while he was in grade II. This has been instituted by his parents.
  2. Rev. Fr. Joe Willmes Scholarship instituted by the ex-hostelers of St. Xavier's Jaipur.
  3. Rakesh Pande Memorial Scholarship instituted by his father.
  4. Rev. Fr. Rosenfelder Scholarship instituted by the Jubilee Batch of 74 (XA)
  5. Kanishka Dhadda Memorial Scholarship instituted by Mr. Bimal Dhadda in memory of his son, (grade III D- 2002)
  6. Scholarship by Ledochowski Family from Austria.
  7. Scholarship by Xavier's Jaipur Scholarship Fund initiated by Dr.Anurag Govil, Nikhil Pandit, Pankaj Jain. Suneet Bagai and supported by Dr. A.Q. Khan (Late Iqbal Fatima Khan) Ashish Singhvi. Ankit Bagai. Gobindram Sajandas Bijlani, Hemanshu Sehgal. Poppy Dandiya, Pradeep Sen, Rajeev Tatiwala, Vivek Jain, Nazma Bano, Dr. Sanjeev Hooja Sudhir Paliwal , Batch 1979, 1982 & 1986
  8. Scholarship through Xavier's Jaipur Scholarship Fund by Golden Jubilee Batch of 1961.
  9. Scholarship through Xavier's Jaipur Scholarship fund Consul family - Dr. B.N. Consul.
  10. Scholarship through Xaviers's Jaipur Scholarship fund Bhagat Dugar, Late Sohan Lalji Dugar.
  11. Scholarship through Xavier's Jaipur Scholarship Fund Singhal Foundation- 2 Scholarship.
  12. Salil Capoor Memorial scholarship for two student .
  13. Scholarship by Mr. Vinod Singhal.
  14. Scholarship by Mrs. Dolly Sogani.
  15. Scholarship to female child by Mr. Dinesh Arora.
  16. Scholarship by Prempujariji Trust by Anil Salecha (1984 Alumni)
  17. Scholarship by St. Xavier's Parish, Jaipur.
  18. Scholarship by Xavier's 1996 batch. Sharad Jain, Rahul Sharma, Ashish Garg, Anurag Jain & Ankur Shandilya.
  19. Scholarship by Mr. Jitendra Pilani in Memory of Smt. & Shri O.P. Pilani.
  20. Scholarship in memory of Mr. Nizabat Ali Khan.
  21. Scholarship by Inderlal Ram Kishore Derewala Charitable Trust.
  22. Scholarship in memory of "Lt Col. Dr. Dwarka Prasad Puri"
  23. Scholarship by Jaidev Totlani.
  24. Merit Scholarship in memory of Dr. Leela Sen to the topper of Std. XII.
  25. Scholarship by Mrs. Kailash Devi Ajmera in memory of Late Sukumar Ajmera.
  26. Scholarship by Nabhi Bax & Co.
  27. Scholarship by Nitin Ahuja (1995 batch)
  28. Scholarship by Rajeev Bafna.
  29. Scholarship by Krishna Kumari Gupta Scholarship.
  30. Scholarship by Mayaram Foundation of Class XI&XII.
  31. Scholarship by Mayaram Foundation to Student for Higher Education.
  32. Scholarship by Amit Kr. Makharia.
  33. Scholarship by Sameer Jain & family.
  34. Scholarship by Girish Mehta & family.
  35. Scholarship by Devender Joshi.
  36. Scholarship by K. Jai Singh Ajairajpura in memory of his father Late Th. Major Ram Singh ji Ajairajpura for a needy boy of class VI till XII.
  37. Scholarship by K. Jai Singh Ajairajpura in memory of his mother Late Smt. Sobhagwati Ram Singh ji Sahiba for a needy girl of Class VI till XII.
  38. Scholarship by Vijay Saraswat (1977 Alumini) in memory of Dr. Rukmini Saraswat.
  39. Scholarship by Dr. Patricia Vickers.
  40. Scholarship instituted by Alok Singhvi Memorial trust.
  41. Scholarship in memory of Lt. Col. V.S. Lather.

Note. : - Parents are invited to establish Memorial scholarships. thus perpetuating the memory of a cherished one as well as helping in the education of someone who otherwise would not have had the chance to enjoy the kind of education that their son/daughter is having.

Parents are also invited to aid the school in the education of poor boy/ girls. Those who are willing to contribute regularly towards this purpose may obtain a form for their commitment from the school office. Such contribution could be made quarterly with their son's/ daughter/'s fees.

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